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E-Z-Roll Stucco

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  • Brand: Home
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  • Expiration: Until: Wed Aug-28-2019
  • Description: • A high quality, simple to use, texture finish for interior walls and ceilings
    • Apply by roller, and texture with a whisk, trowel, or sponge allowing you to create decorative designs of your choice with one coat
    • Cracks and rough surfaces disappear
    • May be applied to new or old drywall, wood, masonry, or ceiling tiles FOR DECORATIVE FINISHES: Follow project directions, go to www.beauti-tone.ca
    • Home E Z Roll Stucco is a non-toxic, non-flammable, safe to use product that cleans up with water
    • Heavy texture: up to 3.0 sq. m. (40 sq. ft.) per 4L
    • White
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