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825mL Acoustical Sealant

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  • Brand: Home Bond
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  • Expiration: Until: Wed Oct-02-2019
  • Description: • Is a unique blend of synthetic rubber compounds that provide outstanding adhesion and durability properties
    • It has excellent adhesion to common construction surfaces
    • This non-skinning flexible, high solids sealant is ideal for use in conjunction with polyethylene vapour barrier systems and connections between foundation and floor
    • Is formulated for easy gunnability and has outstanding resistance to sunlight ozone, cleaning chemicals, water and weathering
    • It is not usually recommended for use in exposed areas due to excessive dirt pick-up, common to all non- skinning products
    • Because it is non-skinning it cannot be painted
    • Application surfaces should be clean, dry and free of grease, oil and loose particles
    • Care should be taken when using this on some plastics as crazing may result
    • Percent solids: 89% min. by weight
    • Non-drying polymer: 23% min.
    • Shrinkage: 10% min. by volume
    • Solvent: 11% min.
    • Odour: mild solvent odour
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