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4 Pack 15.5" x 48" x 1" ThermoSmart Subfloor Panel

  • Price:
  • Brand: Insulfloor
  • Rebate:
  • Expiration: Until: Wed Oct-02-2019
  • Description: • Subfloor insulation system
    • Brings a new level of insulation value and superior comfort to home basement environments
    • It has been custom-developed for the harsh, seasonal insulation needs of North American homes
    • Easy installation
    • Composed of OSB oriented wood fibre, it instantly forms a durable, rigid surface that can be walked on once installed, making is simple to finish the rest of the floor
    • The panels can also be painted or stained
    • Features unique iLock Joint - a unique, dual-joint, tongue and groove system, which prevents moisture from altering the integrity of the wood, eliminating the possibilities of mildew growth over time
    • Sealed system design also expunges cold leaks in joints
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