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14" Pitched Suntunnel Skylight

  • Price:
  • Brand: Velux
  • Rebate:
  • Expiration: Until: Wed Oct-23-2019
  • Description: • Ideal solution for bringing natural light into smaller rooms such as hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and walk-in closets
    • Any room that would benefit from natural light, but does not require ventilation or a view to the outside
    • Save on energy bills, and give your home a healthy, more inviting feeling throughout the day
    • Fits where a traditional skylight cannot be installed
    • Rigid tube provides bright, white light
    • Pitched model ideal for installation on all roof exposures
    • Easy installation that can be completed in just a few hours
    • Paint-able interior matte ceiling ring
    • Available in 10" or 14" diameters for roof construction with 16" and 24" spacings
    • Dual diffuser maximizes light distribution and minimizes heat loss
    • An Energy Efficient® source of natural light
    • 2 feet of straight tunnel length, extendable to 4 feet with elbows (included)
    • See Sun Tunnel Extension HH #2610-493
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